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Route of the Oaxacan Coast


An ocean of adventures



Nine bays within reach of your adventurous spirit and of search of relaxation; amazing biodiversity: mangroves, reefs and forests. Enjoy day and night the intense life that vibrates in and out of the water, and a wide range of services.   

Puerto Ángel

This little and picturesque bay of quiet beaches is the ideal setting for diving and sport fishing, on the incomparable Oaxacan coastline.


The most important nudist beach in Mexico, Zipolite, has a particular atmosphere of relaxation and freedom, whose essence is the natural in its best expression.


The Mexican Turtle Center and the natural cosmetics factory are emblematic of this beautiful destination. Its Jazz Festival is already considered one of the best in the country.

Puerto Escondido

With one of the best beaches in the world for surfing, Zicatela, its exceptional fusion of the nature, culture and its relaxed atmosphere provides the best framework for adventure, relaxation and its fun night life. A tour in the Manialtepec Lagoon allows you to know its unique diversity of flora and fauna.

Lagunas de chacahua

Nature in its entire splendor awaits you in this national park, the first protected tropical natural area in the country.





The options for adventure, fun or rest that the Route of the Oaxacan Coast offers you are wide and diverse: enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Huatulco, the first touristic destination of sustainable beach of Mexico; dive in the calm waters of Puerto Angel, the oldest port on the Oaxacan coast; feel the freedom of Zipolite, the most important nudist beach of Mexico, or know the different varieties of turtles from Oaxaca at the Mexican Turtle Center, in Mazunte.

If you are looking for the adrenaline of water activities, practice surfing or boogie board in Zicatela, or inmerse yourself in the adventure of diving or sport fishing in Puerto Escondido.

Admire the flora and fauna of the lagoons of Chacahua and Manialtepec, and marvel at the peaceful beauty of the mangrove while you travel aboard a boat.

Walk the infinite and beautiful corners of this magnificent corner of the Pacific, taste the delicious regional gastronomy, enjoy its crystal clear waters, as warm as the hospitality of its inhabitants, and take in your memory the landscapes and experiences that the Route of the Oaxacan Coast offers you.

The Route of the Oaxacan Coast  is composed by six destinations:

  • Huatulco
  • Puerto Ángel
  • Zipolite
  • Mazunte
  • Puerto Escondido
  • Lagunas de Chacahua

The route of the Oaxacan Coast offers to the visitor an integral, dynamic and flexible offer through differentiated touristic expressions in unique places, which responds to the demand of the travelers and as an added value a high quality service in the tourist parking of the places that integrate the route.

The Oaxacan Coast is a destination interested in the environmental care, always looking for national and international certificates, for example those related to water and energy management or beach management, and which main reference is Huatulco.


Unleash your adventurous spirit in the incomparable setting of the nine bays: white sand beaches and crystal clear waters await you in a unique natural environment that hosts diverse ecosystems, in which an enormous diversity of protected species of terrestrial and marine flora and fauna inhabit, several of them from the Huatulco National Park.

Take a walk through the history of the Bocana del Río Copalita, Eco-Archaeological Park -whose remains date back to 500 BC- and be amazed by the beauty and flight of species of butterflies in the "Yee Lo Bee" butterfly garden.

Huatulco is distinguished by having national and international certificates as distinctive “S”, Earthcheck Platinum, Blue Flag, Man and Biosphere (MAB), RAMSAR and Carbon Low Zone, for its excellence in water quality, environmental manage, safety, infrastructure, education and environmental information.



Nine bays.

Huatulco National Park.             

Bocana del Río Copalita,  Eco-Archeological Park .

Yeé Lo Beé (Flower of the sky) Butterfly garden.

Botanic garden Hagia Sofía.

Coffee plantations and waterfalls.


Tour the beautiful beaches of this corner of the South Pacific, the oldest and most traditional port of the Oaxacan Coast. Enjoy the sun or its calm waters, practice recreational fishing at Estacahuite beach and snorkeling at La Boquilla beach. Visit the lighthouse of Puerto Angel, an excellent point to admire the landscape and even, if you are lucky, spotting humpback whales during the winter season.

Enjoy the unique delicacies of the local cuisine and the hospitality of the inhabitants and discover why Puerto Angel is a must in your walk along the Oaxacan Coast.



Estacahuite Beach.

Beach of La Mina.             

Lighthouse of Puerto Angel.

Main Beach.

Zapotengo Lagoon.

Tijera Beach.

Beach of the Panteón.

Rostro de Cristo.

La Boquilla Beach.


Unleash your body and soul in the relaxed environment of this famous nudist beach, where travelers from all over the planet go. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in the swing of a hammock by the sea, indulge yourself with a relaxing massage or savor the delights of the cuisine of the sea. Hidden behind a rocky massif, discover the Beach of Love, a favorite spot for nudists.



Playa del amor.

Piña Palmera.

Playa de la Meditación.


This destination is distinguished by its focus on the environmental preservation, particularly through the Mexican Turtle Center, which encourages the care of various turtle species.

Visit the cooperative of natural cosmetics, made with local organic materials. Stroll by boat in the Ventanilla and admire species such as crocodiles and iguanas in their natural habitat.

In the Escobilla, witness the incomparable spectacle of the tortoise's topsail, in the months of July to November, or participate in the release of a baby of this species.

Admire amazing sunrises and magnificent sunsets in the mystical atmosphere of Punta Cometa, and in November do not miss the magic of music by the sea at the International Jazz Festival.



Mexican Turtle Center.

Punta cometa.

Natural Cosmetics Cooperative .

Agua Blanca. La Ventanilla.

La Escobilla.

Iguanario Barra del Potrero.

Mermejita Beach.

San Agustinillo.


Preferred by lovers of water sports, especially surfers, for the great height of its waves, Zicatela is one of the best beaches in the world for lovers of surf or boogie board. For those looking for fun and rest in a relaxed and friendly environment there are beautiful beaches for skiing, diving with tank or snorkel, swimming or practice sport fishing, activity that in Puerto Escondido motivates the realization of international tournaments, such as Pez Vela and Marlin.

Do not miss the boat trips in the Manialtepec Lagoon, where you will be in harmony with nature and one of the richest places in flora and fauna of the region.

Walk the tourist walker, known as "el adoquín"; savor the dishes of regional, national and international cuisine; let yourself be surrounded by nightlife and festivals such as the "Costeño de la Danza" and the Carnival of Puerto Escondido.



Marinero Beach.

Main Beach.

Manzanillo Beach.

Puerto  Angelito Beach.

Punta Colorada Beach.

Carrizalillo Beach.

Coral Beach.

Bacocho Beach.

Manialtepec Lagoon.


Live unforgettable experiences in different ecosystems, such as jungles, mangroves, dunes, savannas, palms, tulares and many others that are part of the great biodiversity of this National Park, special research center and tourist attraction.

Enjoy during the day this natural reserve with a peaceful boat ride between mangrove channels and numerous islands full of lush vegetation. At night, surprise yourself with the liquid light that runs through your body with the nocturnal phenomenon of bioluminescence.

You can also take walks on foot observing the great variety of birds of the area or practice fishing in the tranquility of the lagoons.



Bahía de Chacahua Beach.

Cerro Hermoso Beach.

El Venado Beach.

San Juan el Arco Beach.

Hot springs of Atotonilco.

Roca Blanca Beach.


Salt artisan production (La Pastoría).

Jamaica crops.   



...and what are you waiting for?

Put your body and mind in perfect harmony in the vibrant nature of the Oaxacan Coast.

Get excited about the joy of living in each port and each beach, and let all your senses turn your visit into an unforgettable memory.